[2017] Grand Imaging Awards Nominee-Top 10 Children’s Portraits. [2016] 2016 PPA Silver Photographer of the Year; 4 merit seals, 1 Loan-International Photographic Competition; 3 Merit Seals-PPA’s Northeast District Competition; Court of Honor-Professional Photographers of Ohio. [2015] 2015 PPA Bronze Photographer of the Year; 4 Merits, 1 Showcase-International Photographic Competition; 4 Merit Seals-PPA’s Northeast District Competition; Court of Honor-Professional Photographers of Ohio;  3 Merit awards-Professional Photographers of Ohio. [2014] 3rd Place Children’s Portraits-Professional Photographers of Ohio; 4 merits, 1 Loan Collection and 1 Showcase-International Photographic Competition.


Master of Photography; Certified Professional Photographer; PPA 2016 Silver Photographer of the Year; 2017 Grand Imaging Awards Nominee-Top 10 Children's Portraits; New Albany Ohio Photographer

Having a background in Art History enables me to take a unique approach to creating portraits. While earning a BA at Tufts University and an MA at The George Washington University, I spent six years studying all mediums of art, from every period. My experience analyzing these images-the history, genres, subjects, light, color and composition, is something that I bring to every portrait I create.

I have earned the Master of Photography degree by Professional Photographers of America, which is awarded in recognition of superior photographic competence demonstrated through photographic competition, advanced education and service to the profession. I have also earned the Certified Professional Photographer designation from the PPA, which was the result of rigorous requirements measuring both artistic and technical competence. I utilize this knowledge, along with my love of working with children, to fully explore the inner “joy of life” that makes each child so wonderful and unique. Known for my patience and connection with children, my goal is to make sessions fun so that memories are created alongside the portraits. By incorporating my art background, I craft images that capture important moments in a purposeful and artistic way. Every image is then hand processed to accentuate all of the fine details that comprise a memorable fine art portrait.

I am a proud member of The American Society of Photographers, Professional Photographers of Ohio and Professional Photographers of America. I regularly compete in photographic competitions for each group and am honored to have won awards for my images as well as a feature article in the March 2015 issue of the highly regarded Professional Photographer Magazine.

American Society of Photographers




Publications: 2016 Loan Collection Book; March 2015 Professional Photographers Magazine; 2015 Showcase Collection Book; 2014 Loan Collection Book; 2014 Showcase Collection Book.



Exhibitions: 2017 Imaging USA Loan & General Collection International Exhibit. San Antonio, TX; 2016 Imaging USA Loan & General Collection International Exhibit. Atlanta, GA; 2015 Imaging USA Loan & General Collection International Exhibit.  Nashville, TN